Ponteland Community High School

Paris 2009

Below are images taken during the PCHS Paris trip which took place between 24th and 29th May 2009.

Images are divided into sections. Click an image to load up each section.

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Photo Montage

Beautiful Day (4:11)

  Comedy Comments

I am the One and Only (3:46)



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Photo Montage

Stand By Me (3:02)

Photo Montage

Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) (2:33)

Photo Montage

What a Wonderful World (2:24)





01 People


02 Montmartre


03 Eiffel Tower






04 Views from the Eiffel Tower


05 Notre Dame


06 Disneyland Paris




07 Arc de Triomphe


08 Views from the Arc de Triomphe


09 Champs Élysées




10 Musée d'Orsay


11 Other Sights